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An honest discussion of the human spirit, the value of a positive attitude, and how strength can be found in the weakest of places. This podcast journey will take you beyond your comfort zone out to where you start to really learn about yourself and your ability to navigate seemingly impassable waters. We will discuss times where my disability has empowered me to learn about strength. We will have guests on who are champions of overcoming adversity and making the world shine brighter. And we will help you to start to see your challenges as your greatest gifts. Jonah Berger is a 48 year old Youth Director and Motivational Speaker. He works with kids and adults who deal with disabilities. He is a husband, a father, an author, a drummer, a leg brace wearer and an observer of life. Jonah uses his own disability to help listeners learn more about their own challenges and how to use them as strengths. Come take a walk with Jonah down the path of perspective that will leave you thinking and smiling.

Jan 27, 2022

The wisdom is found with the old. This is a simple concept that has become lost in our culture. We value youth and while youth is wonderful, to find real sage wisdom, you should be looking to those who have traveled. Enter John Lamberts. Staff at my wife's high school growing up, friend to my wife later on, friend to me...

Jan 20, 2022

Come sit a spell and meet Melissa Lalonde. A dear ole friend who has been through a Lions' share of heavy loss and come out swinging on the other side. We go through the many times that life has knocked her down, the lessons learned from getting back up and why above all, she walks with laughter.

Jan 13, 2022

Today we sit down with my cousin once removed, Steph Goris. A nurse who works for the county health department. We talk about serving in public health during the time of covid. The challenges she faces trying to do her work, the roller-coaster of emotions that comes with her work, and the unique perspective she has...

Jan 6, 2022

Today we open Season 2 of He Walks Like a Cowboy with a verbal stroll through the steps you can take to change this crazy world into a sweet place again. Some genuine things you can work into your daily routine that will help to rejuvinate your sense of hope. Gonna be a great season y'all so let's saddle up and head on...