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An honest discussion of the human spirit, the value of a positive attitude, and how strength can be found in the weakest of places. This podcast journey will take you beyond your comfort zone out to where you start to really learn about yourself and your ability to navigate seemingly impassable waters. We will discuss times where my disability has empowered me to learn about strength. We will have guests on who are champions of overcoming adversity and making the world shine brighter. And we will help you to start to see your challenges as your greatest gifts. Jonah Berger is a 48 year old Youth Director and Motivational Speaker. He works with kids and adults who deal with disabilities. He is a husband, a father, an author, a drummer, a leg brace wearer and an observer of life. Jonah uses his own disability to help listeners learn more about their own challenges and how to use them as strengths. Come take a walk with Jonah down the path of perspective that will leave you thinking and smiling.

Mar 24, 2022

Sit on back and relax dear friends as Jonah shares with you the wisdom he has collected from his 40's and the ways he plans to utilize it in his 50's! Plenty to learn and take with you in this final episode of Season 2!

Mar 17, 2022

Today we meet Jason Ballard. Born female. Transitioned to a male. And is ready to help you understand why this is nothing to be uncomfortable about. With all of the changes happening in gender and identity, we go to one of the clearest vices I have met on the subject. Do not miss this chance to sit and understand.

Mar 10, 2022

This week we visit another chapter from my newest book; The Strangest of Places. And to help me out, I bring in two of the best friends I have ever had, Marc & Lowell. The chapter we read is about the three of us and the bottomless depths of young male immaturity. Hope you enjoy!

Mar 3, 2022

Today we sit down with an old and dear friend John Kuebler. Used bookstore owner in Denver, Colorado who is a character not to be missed. Plucked from and forever devoted to the 70's, he discusses following your passions even down the curvy roads, surviving a small business through a pandemic, and an honest reflection...